Membership Application Form For Individuals

I hereby apply tor Membership of World Jain Confederation. The Memorandum of Assoeiation and Rules and Regulations of the Confederation are acceptable to me.

I am qualified to be a member under Rule 3-1 of the Rules and Regulations of the Confederation. (The rule is reproduced on the Backside of this application.) I apply for Membership for the Category Number (There are 6 different categories of Membership for Individuals. Please see on the Backside of this Application for the various Categories and the one time Fees Payble. Please mention the Number of Category above.)

Any other information that you would like to give (Please attach Seperate form , If Necessaery)

I send herewith Cheque/Draft in Favour of World Jain Confederation for Rs./US$ being my Membership Fees.


The Membership fees as specified on backside( if this application is payable only once. There is no Anuual Membership Fees.)

For members outside India the Fees ait payable in US Dollaers only.